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Flexibility, transparency and commitment to excellence are qualities we always strive to achieve as a label when it comes to taking care of our artists. The main goal with our brand new O Music Publishing branch is to simplify the complex world of copyrighting so that content creators and artists feel much more satisfied and well compensated for their work.


Music publishers base their work on copyright, which are your rights over your music. Copyright can be divided into two main sectors: publishing rights, which are the rights to the song, and master rights, which are the sound and recording copyright. The publisher operates using the publishing rights mainly consisting of the music and lyrics to the song.


The main role of music publishers is to help you make more money from your music through licensing by actively finding ways to use your music on your behalf. For example, publishers could license your songs to appear on TV, movies, commercials etc. This process is normally called synchronization or “Sync”. Sync is extremely useful as it offers you royalties as well as upfront fees and exposure. Our publishers will manly work on a commission basis. That way, they will be most driven to collect more revenue for the artists in a positive mutual relationship. Publishers can also help you find people that can co-write with/ for you. This will allow you to add more songs to your repertoire giving you a more ample catalogue of production styles. By collaborating with other artists you will also get exposure through cross-promotion to their audiences and vice versa. Last but not least, publishers collect the revenue generated through the uses and licenses they personally issued. They deliver you the money you rightfully earned making sure all splits are fair.


The universe of music licensing is already complicated enough as it is. Do not waste your time and money by getting lost in the copyright business. Protect the money you worked hard for through transparent and reliable royalties contracts. Get your copyright done right with the help of O Music Publishing!


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