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A determined musician, Otto Orlandi is a name that has been rising up the ranks and has earned support from some of the industries biggest artists including Nicky Romero and Don Diablo. As of recent times, the record producer and multi-platinum ghost producer from Italy has been responsible for a multitude of club and radio hits including the hugely popular ‘Don’t Miss You’ which amassed over 2.6 million Spotify streams and held a top 10 position on Itunes Italy for 55 days. Now the producer returns with his latest collaboration ‘Fever‘ out on Sony Music / O Music Recordings.

A winning combination with multi talented producer Ron Geffen aka RAYNE and American singer and songwriter Karmello, ‘Fever’ gets the best of all worlds as the trio cook up a delicious track brimming with charm, character, and a feel-good vibe. A future hit, ‘Fever’ will leave you with a fever of wanting more from Otto Orlandi as this subtle production oozes that summer sunshine in its production. light synths, plucky beats and a melody to quench anyone’s musical thirst, the impressive track is a testament to both Orlandi and Karmello’s production prowess.

The future spells success for this collaboration which will be earning itself multiple radio airwave and dance club plays. A party starter, ‘Fever’ will be finding its way into your playlist with its infectious sound. With a bright future ahead for himself, Otto continues to master his sound while outlining the next generation of artists destined to go places and move souls. Catch ‘Fever’ below.

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